Leanne wants the truth from Frank

Carla‘s there to look Frank in the eye as he appears in court. He’s refused bail and is remanded in custody. Both Carla and Maria feel vindicated ,but as he’s taken down he makes one last desperate plea to Carla asking how she can do this to him, he loves her. Back on the street Carla attempts to return to work, but it’s too much too soon and she finds herself with Dr Carter, where she opens up about her ordeal. Meanwhile in prison Frank has a visitor – Leanne. As she demands Frank tell her everything about Peter, he reveals the terrible truth.

Anna fears she’s made a mistake in sleeping with Owen and she’s clearly in turmoil. As she does her best to avoid him she confides her fears in Gary.

When Kevin‘s sister offers him a cheap holiday abroad he comes across a stumbling block, Jack’s passport. He’ll need to apply for parental responsibility in order to change Jack’s name and it looks like legal red tape is going to ruin everything.

Also, Sunita’s not happy to see how much Dev’s spent on golf clubs for Aadi.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Finding a distressed Carla outside the doctors Peter’s taken her home. But when Leanne comes calling, demanding answers following Frank’s allegations, the fact he’s there is all the proof she needs. Laying into them Leanne claims she knows about their sordid affair and how Carla left Stella for dead. As she storms out Carla hits the bottle, self-destructive, she’s spiralling into depression and despair. Meanwhile Peter desperately tries to convince Leanne that she’s wrong about him and Carla, begging her not to tell anyone he lied about the crash for Simon’s sake.

When Gary sets up Anna and Owen at the Bistro Anna’s instinct is to turn tail and run, but Owen convinces her to stay. The couple have a great evening and Anna realises she is ready for a relationship.

Kevin’s putting off talking to Tyrone about changing Jack’s name, but when Tyrone finds a leaflet on parental responsibility it seems he’s stumbled across Kevin’s plan. Sally’s awkward as the factory girls accuse her of getting back with Kevin; he’s better but still living at the house. When she then bumps into Jeff, who is dropping off Rosie, it’s a reminder of what could have been.

Also, Dev enters Aadi into a junior golf competition as Sunita insists he spoil Asha as well.