Leanne worries about Nick’s mood swings

Leanne’s hopeful things are getting back to normal as Nick sets off for a meeting with a wine supplier, but he returns seeming edgy and Leanne discovers he never made it to the meeting – he had a memory lapse. When Nick then snaps at Simon, Leanne’s hopes for normality are quickly fading.  

A twitchy Julie is nervous about her meeting with the foster agent, but is assured by Eileen that she has nothing to worry about with rock solid Brian by her side. However, unaware to Julie, Brian has an interview for his new job an hour before the foster meeting. Brian decides to attend the interview and as a result is in danger of being late and letting Julie down.

Grace and Faye throw stones at Mary’s motor-home and then hide. Suspecting it’s the girls, she sets off in a rage to find Anna, but Anna is determined to defend Faye.
Also, Beth sneaks an amused Sinead’s knickers into her batch.