Leanne’s baby news gives Michelle an idea

Michelle waits with Leanne while she has her scan in Corrie

After telling Michelle she had a one-night stand, a relieved Leanne has her scan and discovers that the baby’s fine. Later, Michelle confides in Steve that Leanne’s pregnant and after telling him how much she loves him, suggests they should have a baby of their own.

When Matthew Singh arrives in the factory for a meeting, he finds Jenny alone at her machine. While waiting for Johnny and Aidan he asks Jenny out for a drink. So when Johnny and Aidan find Matthew enjoying a drink with Jenny in the bistro, Johnny feels a pang of jealousy. Later, he apologises to Jenny but she lays the law down and tells him if they’re to have any chance together, he needs to show her some respect.

Kate marches into the salon and tears a strip off Maria for allowing Caz to move in. Maria rounds on Luke for discussing Caz’s business with Sophie but he refuses to apologise.

Audrey and Maria continue to worry about David.