In the gym, Kal puts Nick and Steve through their paces, but when Kal winds Nick up, he loses his temper and knocks Steve to the ground. When Leanne finds out how Kal goaded Nick she’s furious and tells him they don’t have a future.

Maria’s secretly chuffed when Tyrone tells her that Fiz is jealous of their relationship. David warns Maria that she’s playing a dangerous game and realising that he’s right she tells Tyrone it’s time to go home. But as Tyrone goes to hug her goodbye Fiz enters the pub and is furious to see Tyrone in Maria’s arms.

Sally’s shocked to learn that Kevin’s dashed off to Germany because Bill’s broken his leg. She’s furious to learn that not only has he left the girls alone at No 13, he’s offered Maddie a job valeting cars at the garage.

Also, Steph persuades Chesney to buy Sinead a figure-hugging, tarty dress with the money Beth gave him, but Sinead is shocked that Chesney assumes it’s something she would wear.