Leanne’s playing with fire!

Leanne tells Dan that she’s desperate to get rid of Valandro’s, but it’s proving impossible to sell. Leanne is taken aback when Dan casually mentions that she should burn the place down and claim on the insurance. Leanne’s staggered that he thinks she’s capable of staging an accidental fire, but she sets fire to a tablecloth as a test, and realises how easy it would be…

Tina is nervous about lying to the police, despite David‘s assurances. When Tina mentions that she�d like to visit Gail and asks him if he’s sure he doesn�t want to come clean, David is uneasy and worries that she might give the game away.

Fiz meets Chesney’s social worker in a bid to get him home and she’s delighted when it’s agreed that Fiz will be Chesney’s guardian. The social worker wants to inspect Fiz’s home but Fiz is in a dilemma when Chesney is upset that he won’t be able to have Schmeichel in her tiny flat. Chesney suggests Fiz move into to his house instead and Fiz reluctantly agrees.

Also, Roy doesn’t have the heart to disappoint Becky and agrees to let her move into his flat while Hayley is away.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Paul finds Leanne changing the burnt tablecloth and when he comments that fires can easily start, especially with candles and cookers, it reinforces Leanne’s feeling that an accidental fire could be easier than she thought. Leanne tells Dan that she’s seriously considering the idea of arson. Dan insists she shouldn’t burn the place herself and Leanne decides to ask Paul and use his crush on her to her advantage.

Kirk is stunned when Fiz moves in to No 5 in preparation for Chesney’s return. Claire sees Chesney arrive back on the street and apologises to Fiz for getting him put in care. Fiz reluctantly agrees to let bygones be bygones now that Chesney is home.

David is nervous about going to the hospital with Tina and he worries that Tina may jog Gail’s memory. Gail seems none the wiser and David is relieved. David asks the doctor about Gail’s memory returning and he’s concerned to learn that there is a chance it may come back. Tina is uneasy that she’s become so embroiled in David’s mess.

Also, Tony offers to help Bill and Jason get the building contract at the new flats; Roy is mortified when Lloyd and Steve joke about his and Becky’s ‘arrangement’!