Leave it Ricky… She ain’t worth it!

Ricky tells Sam that he knows about her and Jack. Sam bluffs that she kissed Jack, but it was a peck on the cheek for finding her a solicitor. Sam is fuming with Archie for telling Bianca about her affair, but Archie talks her round. Archie insinuates to Bianca that she should get the full truth from Jack and Jack confesses that they had a fling, but Sam finished it. Bianca forces Sam to tell Ricky about her affair. Ricky is disgusted with Sam, despite her pleas that she loves him. A smug Archie offers Sam his support.

Lucas apologises to Libby for grassing up Owen. Denise visits Owen in prison and gets angry when Owen insists that Lucas killed Trina. Denise returns home and tells the family that no one is going to spoil her wedding day. Libby is relieved that the wedding is back on.

Max finds out that Shirley has given Heather her prize money. Max swoops on Heather and persuades her to take out life insurance to protect George. Heather hands over the cash. Max gives Heather’s money to Phil, but Phil says it’s not enough and unless he gets the full amount he’s telling Tanya about Phil’s fraud.

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