Lee admits his fears to Martin

Will Martin be able to convince Lee not to panic about being a dad in EastEnders?

Martin spots that Lee doesn’t seem to be in a happy place since the announcement of Whitney’s pregnancy. Admitting his fears of being a dad, Lee gets some advice from Martin. Cooking Whitney a romantic meal to make amends, Lee panics to find the abortion leaflet is missing. He’s relieved to discover that Mick has taken it.

Jay is disappointed when Billy and Louise break the news to him that Phil doesn’t want him at the Arches. Disappointed, Honey encourages Billy to stand up for Jay. After putting a case to Phil to keep Jay on, Billy later gets a shock when he walks in on Jay selling drugs. Billy is horrified.

Phil learns the truth behind recent events when Ben tells him about the attack. Upset by Phil’s unsupportive attitude and the police’s inability to hold one of the attackers, Ben asks Phil for a gun!

Also, Jack tries to put an end to Richard’s bad habits.