Lee and Amy grow closer…

Lee chaperones Amy to the audition only to be cast in the sausage commercial himself. The pair enjoys their 15 minutes of fame and sparks fly between the young couple. How will Leanne react when Amy appears to be getting in the way again?

It’s the night of Ethan and Liberty’s engagement party. Liberty’s brothers Dodger and Will have shown up and it’s not long before Dodger starts wooing the ladies. He cheekily waltzes through the village in his boxers and gets into the spa with a bikini-clad Theresa. However, it’s his brother Will that catches her eye.

At the party, Ethan refuses to dance with Liberty in front of everyone but soon changes his mind when her big brothers step in! The party is in full swing and Riley’s morals are wearing thin when Alex turns up for a third time looking gorgeous. She turns on the charm once again and follows Riley into the men’s bathroom… Will Riley be able to resist or will Alex be third time lucky?

Also, Mercedes is making her way to the club – will she catch her man in the act or will Riley stay true to his fiance?

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