Amy’s gutted to get an invitation to Lee and Leanne’s wedding. Meanwhile, Leanne tells Lee that they’re soul-mates and he does a runner. Later, Brendan makes a phone call threatening Amy. Gabby asks Amy to babysit Amber while she attends the do at Il Gnosh with Tony and Amy brings Lucas and Leah with her. Amy then gets a visit from Lee who tells her he’s in love with her, they kiss and agree that he needs to tell Leanne.

Amy hands Ste some money and tells him to sort things with Brendan. Meanwhile, Lee tells Leanne that he doesn’t want to marry her and she throws him out. As Amy sleeps in front of the telly, smoke creeps under the door.

Rae shows off her stunning new look to Ste, Amy’s impressed but gets cross when she learns that Ste’s planning to take Rae to the party at The Dog. She challenges him. Isn’t he gay? And is Brendan still hitting him? If Ste doesn’t finish with him, Amy will go to the police. Ste confronts Brendan but Brendan soon has the upper hand, Ste’s caught between his two lives.

Also; Elliot reveals that he knows that Kevin was abandoned as a baby, but Kevin still leaves.

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