Lee is angry when Billy refuses to let him stay – then Josh bundles Lee into a van!

Lee is bundled into the back of a van driven by David after an argument with Billy

Lee is angry when Billy refuses his request to stay a couple of nights in the flat and storms out saying he won’t help him any more. As Lee heads down the street Josh bundles him into the back of a van driven by David.

Nicola tells Gary she thinks Phelan called the police and knows about Seb being in the flat. At the mill Gary is shocked when Phelan says he is on to him and Nicola! Meanwhile Nicola calls to see Sarah and asks her to give Gary another chance but before Sarah can respond Nicola collapses in agony!

With Aidan and Carla out of hospital Jenny is feeling left out by the Connor family chatter at the flat and heads out. As she passes the garage Kevin spots she is looking a bit low and offers to lend a friendly ear.

Rana tried to keep up appearances with Alya. Bethany takes a call from Liam’s holiday club asking for someone to collect him as he is performing strange rituals with the light switches. Craig is consumed with guilt.

First episode of the evening.