Lee gives birth

Lee explains to a shocked Lucas that her boyfriend Dane couldn’t handle her pregnancy so took some time out. Lucas is digesting the information when Lee doubles over in pain and her waters break. Lucas calls Rachel for help and she manages to convince Lee to go to hospital.

But when she gets there, Lee shocks Rachel by telling her she’s had no ultrasound, and isn’t really interested in the baby. Later, she gives birth to a little boy but immediately tells a disbelieving Rachel and Lucas that she’s putting him up for adoption – she isn’t cut out to be a mum.

Johnny and the boys ask Rocco to steal some cash from Sally and Johnny punches Rocco in the stomach when he’s less than enthusiastic. Rocco hobbles back home to Sally’s where he steals an expensive-looking necklace.

After dinner at Sally’s, Brad is driving to Yabbie Creek, when he’s followed by a car which comes up behind him and repeatedly rams into his rear bumper. Scared and rattled, Brad tries to speed off, but the car behind won’t let up, causing Brad to lose control and swerve off the road. As he comes to a halt, he’s chilled to hear the faint sound of Johnny’s laughter…

*Shown on RTE on Wednesday February 28*