Whitney is gutted when Nancy turns up at Sonia’s to dump her stuff, telling her that Lee wants nothing more to do with her. Abi finds an upset Whitney in the Square and panics that she knows she slept with Lee. Realising Whitney is still in the dark, a relieved Abi comforts her. Things take a dramatic turn when Lee finds Whitney, saying he still wants to be with her. After confessing that he’s not been taking his medication, Lee is pleased when Whitney agrees to support him.

Heading back to The Vic with Whitney, Lee tells the Carters that they’re back together. When Lee confesses he’s been off his meds, Mick is angry. Furious that Lee’s got back with Whitney, Nancy storms out. After a heart-to-heart with Masood, Nancy decides to have it out with Whitney. Warning Whitney that Lee is unwell and may never be the same again, Nancy puts the seeds of doubt in Whitney’s mind about her relationship. Wondering whether being with Lee is the right thing after all, Whitney is stunned when Lee proposes!

Abi confesses to Babe that she had a one-night-stand on Friday evening, although she declines to mention it was with Lee! Frustrated when Babe won’t give up on her campaign to ensure she gets pregnant, Abi decides to confess the truth to Ben. About to tell Ben, Abi is stunned when instead Ben admits he has Chlamydia.

Also, Honey comes up with a plan to cheer up a lonely Ronnie.