Lee: I want my baby back!

Lee tells a shocked Rachel and Kim that she’s missing baby Joe and wants him back. She’s found a place to stay and is now in a position to look after him. Rachel tries to dissuade her but Lee is insistent that Joe is coming home with her – tomorrow.

Rachel and Kim are devastated, and Rachel tells Kim she wants to fight for Joe. The next morning, Morag arrives to tell the couple that they will need to prove Lee is an unfit mum in order to keep the baby. Later, Morag tells Lee that Rachel is planning to contest custody of Joe in court, prompting Lee to go and see Rachel. After listening to Lee’s pleas, Rachel reluctantly and sadly hands baby Joe over.

Elsewhere, Belle notices Amanda getting friendly with a good-looking guy in the Surf Club car park, and inside the club, rants about Amanda taking Peter for a ride too. Drew overhears and later tells his dad what Belle saw. Peter is immediately suspicious, especially when he notices Amanda talking excitedly to a man outside the Surf Club.

Unable to believe it, Peter confronts Amanda. She denies everything and hands him his Christmas present – an autographed cricket ball. Guilty Peter realises what Amanda was really up to and is forced to eat humble pie.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday March 29*