At last! Lee has some positive news for Whitney

Lee tries to get himself back on track with a new job in EastEnders

Lee confesses to Whitney that it’s tense between him and his dad. He also reveals that he’s got a job interview later that day. Meanwhile, getting ready for a Scottish-themed night at the Vic, Whitney does her best to support a struggling Mick. Things get even worse for Mick when he makes a shock discovery.

When the Scottish night starts at the Vic, Babe attempts to sabotage the cafe. Tina, however, realises that something is going on. After telling Kathy, Tina and Kathy confront Babe, who is forced to admit her sabotage. The Carters are furious that Babe’s been up to no good, yet again. A fed up Mick warns Babe that if she puts another foot wrong he’s booting her out.

Also, Louise spots a cute guy, Travis, at the drama club.