Whitney thinks Lauren is insensitive when she rails about Ryan leaving. Dot tells an upset Whitney that her family will support her. Whitney reveals the police suggested counselling and Dot encourages her to book an appointment. Whitney goes to the Vic. Lee turns up and warns Whitney not to talk to the police about him. Whitney is grateful when Fatboy and Lauren support her and she tells Lee where to go.

Ian is feeling low. Alfie invites him to Anthony’s birthday party at the Vic and he initially refuses, but he later changes his mind. After a few drinks Tyler moves the party on to a strip club. Anthony is refused entry and the lads return to the Square. Ian returns to the club alone later on and sees one of the strippers being ejected from the club. Ian’s shocked to see it’s former Albert Square resident Mandy Salter!

Kat and Alfie organise a farewell picnic in the Square for Shenice. Kat notices Shenice is looking down and asks Alfie to talk to her. Shenice confesses that she wants to stay in Walford. Alfie can’t bear to disappoint Shenice and she assumes his smile means she can stay.

Also, Vanessa meets up with Harry to get money for Jodie’s wedding.