Leela and Louis are on edge at Lisa’s party

As they try to celebrate Lisa's birthday, Leela and Louis are feeling under pressure...

Leela and Louis worry about who overheard them talking at the hospital last night. Meanwhile, it’s Lisa’s birthday but Simone is agitated – what’s made her uptight? Nathan’s forgotten Lisa’s birthday and she’s furious. Zack reminds Nathan and it’s panic stations until he can find Lisa a birthday present to make up for it.

Later, Lisa’s party is in full swing on the Love Boat – but when a jealous Mac reveals Cleo helped Nathan pick out Lisa’s birthday present, Lisa sees red!

Meanwhile, Nancy and Darren are shattered when the doctor confirms Nancy has relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis. After rushing out of school, unable to cope, Nancy buys Charlie some soup at The Bean, but drops it when her hand goes numb, forcing her to leave Charlie with Freddie when she hurries out. Darren finds a broken Nancy in The Folly and promises to help her cope with her diagnosis.

Freddie returns Charlie to the Osbornes’ but this makes him late to meet Ellie, who he’s already in the doghouse with. When Freddie eventually turns up to see Ellie, she quizzes him about why he’s been AWOL all day. Can these two kiss and make up?