Big Bob is still holding everyone hostage at the hospital and tells Grace to ring Trevor to help him escape. Grace agrees to do what he says and asks Trevor to get an ambulance to the front of the hospital for Big Bob. Meanwhile, Tegan and Ziggy are still stuck in the hospital lift and are desperate to get out, especially as they feel awkward after sleeping together.

Elsewhere, Leela listens to a voicemail from Tegan telling her she’s trapped in the lift and vows to save her sister but Cameron doesn’t want Leela to go back into the building. Everyone’s surprised when Leela returns. She stands up to Big Bob and, when the gangster reaches for his gun, Cameron bursts through the doors and the gun goes off again, killing Big Bob!

Leela’s eager to get to her sister but the the lift is stuck between two floors, so Leela has to climb down the lift shaft. Cameron pulls her out as the lift, with Ziggy and Tegan in it, plummets towards the ground. The lift slams to a halt with Ziggy and Tegan unconscious inside – will they make it out alive?

Back in the village, Robbie and Phoebe decide to get back together, but it seems Phoebe isn’t ready to forgive him yet…