An exhausted Leela is struggling to cope and when she ends up falling asleep in Jubilee Gardens, it’s Zack who steps in to keep an eye on Daniel.

However when Leela wakes up she’s horrified to see Zack holding her son and all hell breaks loose.

Meanwhile, Simone and Lisa have convinced the football club in Wales to give Zack another chance but is it all about to go wrong again for him?

Elsewhere, Tony is worried when he discovers Harry never showed up at his mum’s house. He starts to panic about where his son could be unaware of just what trouble Harry is now in. A tortured Tony opens up to Diane. Just how much information  is the troubled dad about to spill?

Also, when Cindy sells a dodgy TV box to Esther, Frankie reports her to the police, plus Lily cancels a date with Prince to hang out with Peri and Yasmine.