LEG IT! Debbie and Ross do a runner

*Second episode*

Debbie has no idea how she and Ross will make it out of the hotel alive as Charlie and his cronies prowl the corridors wanting their money. Meanwhile, Chrissie tells Donny she can put a stop to the saga if he agrees to leave Emmerdale and Lachlan behind forever.

While they’re trapped in the hotel room, Debbie and Ross end up having quite an intimate heart-to-heart. As Ross candidly reveals consequences don’t stop him getting what he wants, will Debbie find herself secretly falling for her fiance’s brother that little bit more? And when the pair end up legging it, will they manage to get away from Charlie and his crew?

Sex has taken a back seat for Alicia and David whose relationship is in freefall following Lachlan’s assault. When David raises the issue with his wife she clams up and confides in her sister, Leyla, instead.

When Sean calls from the hospital, needing his dad’s support, Dan’s left in bits. As Kerry tries to console her man, she vows to earn more money so Dan can see his son more often.