Elliot pleads with Leila for a second chance and she tells him to come to the DJ competition to support her and she’ll think about it. Leila struggles on stage and Elliot takes over and wows the crowds. Leila kisses Elliot in the excitement then pulls back, mortified. Elliot assures Leila that he’s been a fool and he wants to be with her.

Sarah offers to do an interview with a rock star Richie for the fanzine on Lydia’s behalf when Richie won’t speak to Lydia and she bags Lydia an exclusive. The girls share a passionate snog to celebrate Sarah’s success but they are interrupted by Mike, Myra and Michaela. A stunned Mike throws everyone out.

Mike suspects that Mercedes enticed the rats back into the house so that she and Malachy can have the place to themselves and he enlists Michaela on a stake out. Mike and Michaela spring a guilty Myra with a bag of cheese and she confesses that she didn’t want to leave the Barnes’. Mike gives the family their marching orders.

Also, Sasha tells Warren that she took the heroin to help him out but he accuses her of stealing it for herself. Sasha is hurt and tells him that he owes her.

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