Leila is suspicious of Ash

Leila can’t believe that Justin would deliberately put Hannah in danger and pleads his case to Hannah but when a beaten-up Rhys arrives and tells them that Justin attacked him, they are sure that Justin is guilty. Calvin questions Ash and Ash confesses that he didn’t actually see Justin tampering with the bike. Leila is convinced that Ash’s story doesn’t add up and accuses him of sabotage.

Ste is desperate to see his son and get in contact with Amy but Mike and Josh warn him off. Daniel hints to Ste that hanging around kids like Theresa and Anita won’t help his case. The girls are at the flat and get drunk and knock a drink over Ste’s photo of Lucas. A furious Ste throws them out and tells Theresa she’s dumped – he has to think about Lucas now.

Russ finds Myra and Jacqui photographing Max surrounded by sprouts. Myra confesses that they are entering Max into a spring baby competition and he’s horrified. Russ tells them that he’s taking Max away to Spain and is even more horrified when Jacqui assumes she’s invited, too.

Also, Malachy and Mercedes think up a new scam and try to palm off tap water as holy water.

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