Anita and Ravi piece together Leila’s broken sculpture to take to the exhibition. She’s speechless when they arrive and the artist offers her the job in Paris and they’re leaving tonight. Leila’s insists she can’t leave and Anita realises Elliot’s the reason. Leila and Elliot admit they still love each other as a heartbroken Leila leaves.

Malachy’s angry when Mercedes turns down his surprise because Calvin’s asked her to work. Malachy, Calvin and Jake set up their poker game at the Valentines’ but there’s tension between Malachy and Calvin. After spending the evening with Malachy, Calvin feels guilty when Mercedes ends their affair.

Cheryl’s moved back into the Valentines’ after finishing with Gilly. She and Lauren hit the town when Calvin chucks them out of the house for his lads’ night. But Lauren’s refused entry to all the bars so they head back to The Loft. Sasha realises she hasn’t been a very good sister to Lauren recently and promises they’ll do something together.

Also; Kathleen feigns a migraine to avoid having to do anything at the McQueens’ but panics when Theresa offers to stay and look after her. Theresa arrives home with some lunch for her mum but she’s upset when she’s not there. Jacqui’s furious when Kathleen turns up drunk.

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