Lenny gets lamped!

When another patient dies of the mysterious Cryptococcosis virus, bringing the death toll up to three, Lenny decides to discover the source. Jordan, however, warns him off the case, not realising that Lenny’s investigation could have serious repercussions for the hospital…

In his eagerness to get to the bottom of the case Lenny probes the boyfriend of the most recent victim too harshly and is punched! Once every one calms down, Lenny tries a different approach and works out that all three cases might be linked to a drug trial being carried out by a large pharmaceutical company.

Meanwhile, Charlie has arranged for Shona to work on reception in the emergency department. Shona, overwhelmed with the workload and unable to handle the pressure, skives off for most of her shift. She then has a run-in with Kirsty, who discovers her deceit. Meanwhile, Charlie has no idea of the problems Shona’s been causing and is delighted to have her on the team!

Former The Bill star Louisa Lytton, who also played Ruby Allen in EastEnders, turns up in Casualty this week. She plays a Grace, a Goth girl who terrifies Big Mac when she puts a curse on him! She also has a run-in with Shona, who takes an instant dislike to her.

After her shift, Kirsty discovers ‘slave driver’ graffitied on her car. Is this the start of a hate campaign from Shona?