Lenny and Linda have become great friends in recent months, but this week the over-keen young doctor takes a big risk when he makes a move on his mate!

Since Linda’s young niece and nephew, Britney and Joe, were dumped on her by her druggie sister, Lenny has been happy to offer a helping hand and friendly ear to the ED nurse.

This week they plan a ‘family outing’ with the kids. But a comment from Dylan about work-place romances prompts Lenny to look at Linda in a whole new light…

While discussing where to take the kids, Linda hugs Lenny with joy, and he leans in to kiss her. Shocked, Linda recoils at his advance and Lenny is left mortified!

Later, however, they manage to get their friendship back on track and go bowling.

Elsewhere, tensions rise in the ED as Sam prepares for the GMC hearing that could ruin her career. Already on edge, she explodes when Zoe tells her that she’s been called as a witness to testify against her!

Scarlett also finds herself in the firing line of Sam’s temper when a patient is mistakenly identified and unexpectedly reacts badly to penicillin. It’s not Scarlett’s fault, but Sam angrily reprimands her.

Lloyd later has a word in Sam’s ear and Sam apologises to Scarlett, but Lloyd’s then in the doghouse with Scarlett for interfering!