Jordan orders all hands on deck as the ED faces its cleanliness inspection this week. It’s the team’s first chance to impress the powers that be, so Jordan’s furious when Lenny turns up late for work after spending the night with the gorgeous Chrissie, and puts him in charge of cleaning resus.

Once there, Lenny’s also told to keep an eye on Loretta, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. But when Chrissie shows up, Lenny gets distracted and not only neglects his cleaning duties, but loses Loretta – much to the distress of her husband Roy and daughter Helen.

Elsewhere, a patient who’s convinced he’s dead causes confusion when Kirsty and Adam can’t agree how to treat him. Kirsty thinks playing up to his delusions is the answer, so she enlists Yuki and Mads to help out. But while treating him, Yuki discovers that Adam’s diagnosis was wrong…

Things look unhopeful for the ED and to make matters worse the day’s chaotic events are reported in the local paper, meaning the hospital has a mole. Lenny does some investigating of his own and discovers Chrissie is actually a reporter named Deborah who has been using him for a story!