Leo arrives in London

Can Leo help clear Paul's name?

Leo has arrived in London and goes off to meet Dakota, before his Lassiters conference. Leo is sure he can use his charm to get all the information he needs from Dakota, but Paul warns his son that Dakota won’t be outsmarted that easily. Leo comes face to face with Dakota – he’s mesmerised by her sophisticated nature and, as the pair talk, Dakota begins to realise Leo wants something from her. Will Leo be able to get the evidence he needs to save Paul? And will Dakota realise that Leo is Paul’s son?

With Shane’s comments about Sheila losing her memory ringing in Gary’s ears, his concerns are heightened when she forgets that Ben has moved to Oakley. Later, Gary tests Sheila on the subject she knows best – her gnomes. Sheila doesn’t miss a beat and asks Gary and Xanthe why they’re asking so many questions. Gary and Xanthe confess they were worried that she was losing her memory leaving Sheila outraged. However, when Sheila forgets the answer to a crossword clue, could Gary and Xanthe be right?

Also, Jimmy and Kirsha come up with a plan for Jimmy to ask Poppy on a date. However, when Kirsha overhears a conversation Poppy is having with some friends, she has second thoughts about helping Jimmy get the girl of his dreams. What will Kirsha do?