Danny is disgusted after catching Sasha in Steph’s flat and tells Leo what happened. Horrified, Leo forces Sasha to return Steph’s belongings, before insisting she tell him where Nige is. Later, Leo and Danny return from their confrontation with Nige, and Sasha is horrified to discover they’ve beaten him up.

Realising her only dealer has been scared off, a desperate Sasha turns on her family. With nowhere else to turn, Leo takes drastic action and buys Sasha some methadone off the streets. Danny’s furious with his dad, and insisting it could kill her, pours the mixture down the sink. Sasha is devastated to see her fix disappear.

Despite attempting to carry on as normal, Steph is finding it hard to cope after losing Max’s wedding ring in the robbery. Meanwhile, OB is horrified that someone could steal from a grieving widow. Realising OB can’t face reading Max’s eulogy at the funeral tomorrow, a resolute Steph says she’ll do it. Later, things get slightly better for Steph when she discovers Max’s wedding ring on her doorstep…

Also, Zoe attempts to cheer Mike up when his decree nisi arrives in the post, and Val and Calvin share an awkward kiss.

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