Tyrone’s come up with a plan and enlists Tommy and Kirk‘s help. They’re going to follow Leon, take photo evidence of one of his drug deals, then bribe him with it to keep Fiz safe inside. But when Leon catches them following him and attacks them with a baseball bat the plan suddenly changes and the unlikely trio take Leon hostage.

As the Platts ponder David’s threat to leave home the social worker arrives. Kylie responds well to questioning and it’s clear to all how much she does want Max. But when David outlines their plan to move away they’re told it could jeopardise their chances of Max coming to live with them. With David’s threats to leave now a reality, Gail realises she may lose her son and backs down, asking them to stay.

As the women head off wedding dress shopping Leanne makes a breakthrough as they both open up about Peter. It seems Leanne is ready to move on and forgive Carla.

Also, Owen’s pleased when Anna clears up their misunderstanding, explaining how vulnerable Faye is and he attempts to reschedule their date.