Leon faces a stress test

It’s the morning after the night before for Pcs Leon Taylor and Kirsty Knight – and there’s been nothing pc about their behaviour. They consoled each other with alcohol and sex after sharing duties on the particularly harrowing case involving Luisa Dias and her son Paulo. Now they’ve woken up in bed together and awkwardly agree to call it a drunken one-night stand and forget about it.

Leon’s having trouble forgetting the horrors of the Dias case, though, and struggles almost immediately when he and Pc Nate Roberts are sent to look for a missing pregnant woman, Jane Connor. They find her badly injured on the side of a road, the victim of a carjacking. The trail leads Leon and Nate to Jodie Knox, who admits she was in the car but says so-called friend Ashley Johnson forced her to help him.

Sure enough, Jane Connor’s credit cards are found in Ashley’s home and Leon wants to beat the guy to a pulp. Luckily for both, Sgt Callum Stone steps in and calms the waters – which are very murky. They become clearer, though, after Leon revisits Ashley’s home and gets some interesting information from his mum about Jodie, who had been to see Ashley’s mum earlier the same day. Could be Jodie’s not the victim she pretends to be.