Leopard’s Den’s not for sale… or is it?

With a group of leopard-hunters to bring to justice, Danny needs all the help he can get. Enter Anton Ziegler, a wealthy conservationist who seems as committed as the State Vet himself. And could he also be Vanessa’s knight in shining armour? Still struggling with her finances, she desperately needs to ensure Mara’s future, so when Ziegler proposes buying a tiger from her, she seizes the opportunity to make some cash.

However, Danny soon learns that the tiger died shortly after arriving at Ziegler’s, meaning that Vanessa could lose out on the much-needed money from the sale. With her hopes of keeping Mara hanging in the balance, she’s worried sick – and is also puzzled about how the tiger died.

Meanwhile, Du Plessis is distraught to discover that the mining company want to buy Leopard’s Den with a view to building an access road through their land. They have also made an offer for Mara. Dup can rest easy for now, as Danny and Vanessa reject both proposals, insisting that neither property is for sale at any cost. But they say every man has his price, and the mining company seems to have deep pockets…