Leopard’s Den gets a surprise guest

Danny and Alice are on cloud nine. They are enjoying being together but decide that, for the moment at least, they should keep their blossoming relationship under wraps. Unlucky for them, Georgina is in earshot and has heard every word of their conversation. Meanwhile, everyone picks over the debris of the recent storm. The damage is extensive – fences are down and the elephant family is missing.

Georgina has other problems on her hands: the imminent arrival of an extremely tricky guest. When she discovers that the Family Day Festival is under threat because of the storm wreckage, however, she hits on a plan. Rescuing the festival would be the perfect distraction for the mysterious visitor.

Back at the Animal Hospital, most of the drugs have been lost in the storm. In desperation, Alice calls at Vanessa’s to ask for help, and is surprised to find her brother Rowan there. Vanessa hands over the antibiotics but is clearly still stung by Danny’s rejection – she shocks Alice by telling her that it’s the last assistance she will ever give the Leopard’s Den.

When everyone gathers for a party, the mystery guest is finally revealed. And it’s very good news indeed for Du Plessis: Caroline is back.