Leopard’s Den is hit by storms

Danny and Alice are horrified to discover that a missing giraffe has been killed by lions who managed to get through the fence between Leopard’s Den and Mara. Alice is annoyed with Vanessa for not mending the fences but Danny realises she’s preoccupied with Mara’s first guests arriving. Meanwhile, Du Plessis predicts that bad weather is on the way.

Later, the family attend a game auction but Alice gets cross when Danny chooses to help Vanessa view a leopard rather than find a replacement giraffe. Danny forbids Alice from bidding for a lice-ridden giraffe but she defies him. Returning to Leopard’s Den, Alice is delighted to see her younger brother, Rowan. But he has some bad news – their father has died.

As Alice throws herself into her work, Rowan gently presses Alice about her love for Danny while, over at Mara, Vanessa thanks Danny for his help with a surprise kiss. But Alice doesn’t have time to worry about their kiss when, in line with Du Plessis’ forecast, a hurricane hits Leopard’s Den. And as the storm rages, disaster strikes as Danny’s car crashes in the bush.

Will Alice be able to summon help to save Danny?