On the morning of the annual Nature Conservation inspection, Danny and Du Plessis find that the watering hole is drying up and Rosie discovers that baby elephant Togo has been captured by poachers. And to make matters worse, Du Plessis learns that the inspector is an old adversary called Hibbitt.

Danny realises that new building works at Mara are what’s affecting the water supply – but Fatani refuses to stop drilling. Hibbitt informs Danny that he’ll lose his wildlife permit if he can’t water his animals – but Danny suspects that Hibbitt is simply holding a grudge and begs Du Plessis to apologise.

Although Hibbitt is suitably impressed when Rosie and Max managed to find Togo, this isn’t enough to change his mind: no water, no Leopard’s Den! With the animals now dying of thirst, an angry Danny drives his truck through the fence that divides Leopard’s Den and Mara, allowing them to drink there.