Les and Pam’s marriage is cracking up

After Pam’s huge turnaround over Christine, Les Coker is left reeling in EastEnders...

Les Coker is gobsmacked by Pam’s ultimatum that he start dressing as ‘Christine’ again. Reminding her that he gave Christine up for her, an upset Les storms off.

When Linda sees Les looking down, she tries to cheer him up, but instead she makes him more miserable. After Les has some heart pain, Linda gently encourages him to open up about Paul’s death. Meanwhile, Pam struggles to hold it together in front of Claudette.

Sonia is all ready to leave the Square, but Bex is nowhere to be seen. Refusing to go without saying goodbye to her daughter, Sonia is frustrated that Bex is ignoring her calls. Tina finds Bex, encouraging her to speak to her mum before she goes. Will Sonia and Bex make up before Sonia leaves?

Jane hasn’t felt up to leaving the house since returning home from hospital. But with Sonia leaving, Lauren offers to help out. Jane makes another big step towards her recovery by getting out of the Beales’ to say her goodbyes.