Les tells Pam the truth!

Pam tries to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with Les. After Billy tells Les that Pam is behaving suspiciously, Les is forced to confront Pam and finally tell her the truth. Stunned by Les’s words, Pam’s world falls apart as she realises that she never knew her husband at all.

Kathy and Ben push ahead with their plan to leave the Square. Meanwhile, an oblivious Ian has invited Dot and Martin over for a family dinner. When Dot gets Kathy on her own, she hits her with a few home truths that cause Kathy to feel even guiltier. Ian tells Kathy he’ll have the money for her flat in two days.

Denise encourages Kim to talk to Vincent about her fears when Kim admits she’s worried about their relationship. Ronnie finds Vincent and confesses what she said to Kim, leaving him worried. When Kim agrees to go to The Vic with him, Vincent is relieved. Realising Kim has said nothing to Vincent, Denise has a word with her. Kim insists she’s handling things her way.

Also, Linda’s frustrated when Elaine announces she’s going to stick around until Christmas. Fatboy offers Lee a trial at the Car Lot.