Paul presses Eileen for an answer to his proposal, but she’s in turmoil. Him divorcing his sick wife just doesn’t sit right. Paul heads out to speak to a solicitor. In the house Eileen is caring for Lesley, but when she becomes aggressive then hits out at Eileen repeatedly, Eileen’s forced to flee the house. Taking time to compose herself Eileen then heads back inside, but when she finds a lifeless Lesley lying on the floor she calls 999.

Terry’s on edge. Knowing Tina could wake up any time and reveal the truth he urges Tommy to get the money off Tyrone quickly. As Tyrone hands over the cash Terry packs his bags. But when Tommy gets a call from the hospital telling him that Tina’s regaining consciousness he races to her bedside and she reveals the horrible truth about his dad.

Sunita’s arranged to meet Karl at the flat, but when Stella asks her to work late she’s forced to stand Karl up.

Also, feeling sorry for himself, David continues to drown his sorrows.

Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As the paramedics confirm that Lesley is dead Paul races back to the street to hear the worst. An emotional Eileen is overcome with sorrow and guilt as Paul breaks down. As her friends rally round, Paul goes to the mortuary. Back at the house Paul consoles Eileen, but unable to accept his warmth she confesses that she’d had a fight with Lesley and had left her alone.

Tommy races back to the flat, just in time to see Terry about to leave. Confronting his dad he demands answers. Terry tries to worm his way out of it, but the scales have fallen from Tommy’s eyes. Thrusting the cash into his hand it’s Tommy’s final test to see if Terry can do the right thing. Meanwhile, Rick’s back on the scene and he wants his money.

As Nick takes a drunken David home he becomes morose, admitting he loves Kylie so much it hurts. Nick’s concerned as David’s an emotional wreck.

Also, Sunita and Karl struggle to keep their hands off each other at work. But as they smooch in the back room Stella walks in…