Things get out of hand between Gaby and Renee and it results a cat-fight at a neighbour’s special cabaret evening. The cause? Renee had told Gaby’s pals that the former model once had a nose job, while Gaby mentioned to Renee’s ex husband that she’d been sleeping with other guys.

Susan’s troubles go from bad to worse when Mike finds the black hole in their bank accounts and then one of her web clients resorts to blackmail – she’s horrified when Paul appears on her web cam and tells her he wants to buy her house or he’ll tell Mike everything.

Bree has trouble keeping up with Keith’s sex drive and her plan to exhaust him with extra jobs doesn’t stop him demanding more sex!

And Lynette and Tom have a massive argument after Tom moves his mum into their house to be the new nanny and Lynette makes some cruel jibes about her in front of the children.

Penny then makes a startling discovery about her grandmother, who fails to remember her granddaughter.

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