LA cop Danny Glover is teamed with volatile new partner Mel Gibson – and their crackling chemistry makes for a top-notch action thriller.

It’s clear from the unorthodox way in which he deals with a potential suicide that Gibson isn’t the most stable of people, which leaves family man Danny Glover distinctly unimpressed. But the wild-eyed Gibson, grieving the death of his wife in a car crash, continues to go about his business in a decidedly scary manner.

Before long, though, an uneasy rapport develops between the two men, partly due to the fact that they both served in Vietnam, and Glover begins to appreciate the advantages of having ‘lethal weapon’ Gibson at his side as they take on Gary Busey’s cold-blooded gang of ex-CIA trained killers running a massive drugs syndicate.

Having established early on that Gibson is suicidal, the movie uses that nervy edge to create a brittle tension that never lets up as the pair exchange witty banter through a series of all-out, shoot-’em-up, brutal action sequences. Classy, stylish and thoroughly entertaining.