Let’s all have a cosy drink!

Liam and Carla try to act like nothing has happened between them but Liam is stung when Tony calls to ask Carla out. Liam retaliates by organising a date with Maria and it turns into a double date at the Rovers when Tony asks Liam and Maria to join him and Carla! Liam asks Maria back to his and Carla hits back by inviting Tony to spend the night with her.

Sarah is furious when Audrey caves in and decides to let David come back to work at the salon. Meanwhile, David makes a genuine apology to Jason for what happened to Bethany and insists that he loves his niece. Jason, however, doesn’t want to hear it and he snaps and pins David against the wall.

Cilla is unsure when Frank asks her to be his live-in carer but he implies that she’ll inherit some of his fortune when he dies. Cilla decides to take Frank up on his offer, but when she pops round to agree to the deal, she realises that his pulse has stopped. Cilla calls an ambulance, but Frank has already died.

Also, Michelle and Steve struggle to solve their housing problem.