Jason is thrilled when Sarah hints that she’d like to make another go of their relationship, but she has one condition – that they become a family of four and put Bethany and baby Holly at the top of their priorities. Both Gail and Eileen are stunned by Sarah’s decision.

Steve is jealous when Michelle goes on a date with Sonny, leaving Ryan with a reluctant Liz, but he decides to use the situation to his advantage when he discovers that Sonny doesn’t know that Michelle has a son.

Steve takes Ryan to Sonny’s house in an attempt to sabotage Michelle’s date and urges Ryan to go up to the door. A furious Michelle storms out and tips dinner all over Steve’s lap, leaving him dejected and covered in gravy!

The Barlows’ concern about Tracy grows as she continues to make them believe that she’s living with domestic violence and they hope that when her brother Peter comes to visit he’ll deal with Charlie. Meanwhile, Charlie becomes more and more wound up with Tracy’s constant assertion that she’s going to cheat on him.

Also, Janice decides to go to France with her new boyfriend, Roger!