Stan’s having a bad time of it in hospital, getting irritated with his hospital roommate Cyril (guest star Andrew Sachs). When Tina arrives to apologise for exchanging words with him the day before, it cheers Stan up a bit. Later, Cora arrives for a visit, annoying Aunt Babe, who argues with her. Babe opens up to Cora about how she met Stan. The pressure is too much for Cora, who leaves. Stan is gutted.

Stan calls Tina, asking her to bring something special to him at the hospital. When Cora returns, full of apologises for walking out, Stan stuns her with an engagement ring and a proposal! Babe is angry when Cora reveals she’s turned down Stan. Knowing how much Cora means to Stan, Babe begs her to think again.

Sonia suggests a family dinner with Carol, Martin and Rebecca. When Martin makes an excuse to get out of it, Sonia is hurt. Seeing Tina, Sonia has a frank talk with her about their kiss and what it means. Sonia and Tina agree to give their relationship a try, but to keep things under wraps for now.