Let’s get this party started!

The night before Frazer and Rosie’s wedding, best man Oliver suggests that everyone combine their hen and bucks nights for a party at his luxury hotel. But what sets out to be a civilized affair ends up as a wild battle of the divas.

Carmella denies she’s having an affair with Ringo but suspicious Rosie isn’t convinced by her sister’s story. Frazer has a chat with his brother to try to make him see sense, but later, Carmella and Ringo can’t help themselves and they end up kissing.

Aware that everyone would disapprove if they found out, the amorous pair agree to keep their passionate encounter a secret and are forced to spend Rosie and Frazer’s entire pre-wedding party avoiding each other. But in the middle of the night, when everyone else is sound asleep, the two reckless lovebirds finally find a chance to give in to their illicit passion.

Also, determined to ditch his wheelchair so he can stand up at the altar to marry Rosie, Frazer defies the odds and gives his new bride an amazing surprise.