Lewis and Dominic are in trouble

After revealing the Skens’ plan for a cash ambush Lewis is shocked to learn that the robbery will be taking place that afternoon.

He is told to get on a motorbike with Tyrone and is driven to a courthouse where he soon realises that they’re after a prisoner, not cash…

The Skens free Wayne – a gang leader on trial for murdering a crack dealer and head to an apartment to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the Sun Hill officers are puzzled when the cash van drives through without any sign of trouble. Heaton is soon notified that the GPS on the gangs’ radio has been turned on and orders all units to the real location, but they lose sight of them as they escape.

Wayne is deeply suspicious of Lewis and orders him not to move. Terrified he and his cousin will be killed, Lewis whispers to Dominic that they should use the radio to send out a signal.

Dominic realises that Lewis has been working undercover and knows they need to get out quickly. Pretending to make a drink, he presses the signal button, not realising that Wayne is watching him. The situation escalates and when gunshots are fired, officers storm the apartment.