Lewis is forced to take aim at Roger

Rumours fly at Sun Hill when the officers discover PC Lewis Hardy was arrested in connection with a drugs deal involving the Sken gang.

Lewis discovers the Skens have kidnapped Precious Miller, the girlfriend of an East Street member as ransom for a gun and is sent to make the exchange. But East Street take Precious without giving him the gun in return.

As he tries to make a run for it, an enraged Tyrone realises that Lewis hasn’t completed the deal and threatens to kill him…

Back at the station, DC Mickey Webb and Trainee DC Kezia Walker work on a case where plastic explosives have gone missing from a contractor’s depot. They soon discover that one of the employees’ brothers, Joe Stamford has dealings with the Skens and they will be buying the explosives from him that night.

Later, as the armed officers lie in wait for Joe and the Skens, Lewis is approached by PC Roger Valentine. Lewis angrily pleads with him to leave, but Dino pulls out a gun and tells Lewis to shoot Roger or he’ll shoot them both. Terrified and confused, Lewis takes the gun and aims at Roger…