Audrey tells the salon staff she’s decided not to sell up and instead is installing David as manager. Over the road Lewis heads to the bookies to check on his accumulator. Leanne’s stunned to see all five of his horses came in and he’s won four grand. Paying out she knows Peter won’t be happy when he finds out. Meanwhile, Lewis treats Audrey to one last special night, knowing that tomorrow he’ll be gone.

Natasha desperately needs to talk to Nick after taking the pregnancy test last night, but he’s off helping Leanne who’s having a bad day at the bookies. At home Gail hopes Nick isn’t messing Natasha around and his reaction suggests she’s hit a nerve.

Bill is drowning his sorrows in the pub when Owen turns up and offers him a small job. Bill feigns indifference, but as reality kicks in he realises he doesn’t have a choice.

Also, the factory staff return to a pristine new Underworld; Eileen makes Molly an offer, but with the health of her baby now at stake she’s hesitant.

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