Lexi collapses in agony

Lexi collapses at work with abdominal pains and is rushed to hospital. Carl is an emotional wreck when he learns that Lexi has an ectopic pregnancy and needs emergency surgery and a blood transfusion and he blames himself for not being more supportive of Lexi’s pregnancy. Lexi’s op is a success, but when Lexi comes round Carl has to break the news that she’s lost the baby. She is devastated.

Diane realises how grave Andy’s situation has become when the doctor diagnoses him with clinical depression and refers him to a specialist. Diane asks Debbie if Andy can see Sarah when he’s feeling better and Debbie reluctantly agrees. Nathan approaches Diane about what’s going on at Butlers’ and she makes it clear that their lease agreement still stands.

Chas is worried about Carl when Lexi is taken to hospital. Paddy suggests they go and check on Carl and Lexi, but Chas dismisses his suggestion, appreciating his understanding. Later, Marlon lets slip to Paddy that Chas is planning a surprise 40th birthday party and Paddy confesses he’s thinking of proposing to her. Paddy sets the mood by cooking a romantic meal for Chas, but with Aaron disrupting their night in, Paddy bottles popping the question.