Lexi confronts Ross and Chas

Lexi is furious with Ross for doing the dirty on her with Chas and she gatecrashes their date at a restaurant. Chas apologises to Lexi for going out with Ross, but the penny drops that Ross has been seeing both of them and Chas throws a drink in Lexi’s face. The girls start to brawl and are arrested, but they later make their peace and vow to get revenge on two-timing Ross.

Alan tells a guilty Ashley that someone told him that he knew the tiles were loose on the roof and Ashley assumes that Greg has been telling tales. Ashley confronts Greg but Laurel turns up and reveals that Viv told Turner, not Greg. Ashley apologises.

Eli, Zak and Shadrach decide to pull off a scam collecting on the spot fines from the public after borrowing one of Donna’s police jackets. They downgrade a speed limit sign to 50mph then flash a car as it goes past. Eli dons the jacket and collects the fine but they have more trouble with their second victim, who insists Eli provides ID and the Dingles do a runner.

Also, Jimmy gives Daz money to take out Scarlett.