Lexi demands the truth from Carl

Lexi makes excuses for Carl’s evasive behaviour to Nicola, but Nicola thinks Lexi should put her foot down. Lexi leaves Nicola to get a drink and is upset when she returns to see Carl fawning over the baby. Lexi accuses Carl of only going to the hospital because he thought she’d gone home. Carl walks out of the hospital leaving Lexi in despair as she shouts out that she wants a baby one way or another.

Ryan tells Nathan about the job offer and Nathan wonders how Ryan got such a big break. Ryan pointedly remarks that someone owed his mum a favour. Faye asks Mark and Natasha whether it’s a legitimate offer and Mark reassures her. Natasha adds that it could be a fresh start for both of them and is anxious when Faye says she’s staying put.

Debbie and Michael get ready to go on a date. Debbie decides to change her tactics and play hard to get when Michael seductively suggests he come help zip her up. Debbie sidesteps his advances and it’s clear she’s enjoying keeping him on tenterhooks.

Also, Jake cashes the winning scratch card; Moira realises Hannah has a crush on Andy; Aaron tells Paddy that Chas has been flirting with one of the vet’s clients.

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