Lexi tells a sceptical Nicola and Scarlett that she and Carl have decided to postpone having IVF. Lexi is touched when Scarlett offers to pay for it out of her trust fund but she can’t take her money. Nicola is suspicious about Carl’s claim that they can’t afford to pay for the private treatment and she confronts him but he snaps at her. Lexi is so desperate to get pregnant that she eventually caves in and asks Scarlett if she can take her up on her offer. Carl is secretly gutted.

Val has spent the night in the bed and breakfast. Betty fishes for gossip but Val is too busy trying to beg Pollard for forgiveness. Pollard refuses to listen to Val’s pleas and Val realises that she’s getting nowhere with him. Val defiantly tells Diane that the pub is all she has left and she won’t be giving it up that easily and Diane prepares for a fight.

Edna is furious when she finds out from Brenda that Lily has agreed to go on the road trip with Eddy in Turner’s place. Edna is determined to stop Lily doing something foolish and she confronts her sister but Lily defiantly insists that she’s going no matter what Edna thinks!

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