Lexi has Carl just where she wants him

Jimmy invites the solicitor Patrick Dunne to Home Farm to talk about Lexi being Scarlett’s trustee and he’s annoyed when Dunne reveals that Lexi has already contacted him and assured him of the King brothers’ support. Scarlett finds out that Lexi has slept with Carl and demands to know what she’s playing at. Lexi is evasive, but promises to be honest with Scarlett in the future.

Andy calls Jo from prison and he’s worried when he learns that she’s out having a drink with Ross. His phone call is rudely interrupted by inmate Charlie, who cuts off the call. Andy sees red and slams down the phone on Charlie’s thumb and the pair have to be separated by a prison officer. Andy is unnerved.

Val gets a visit from Diane after her operation and Diane is stunned when she realises that Val has ordered everything she can on the private healthcare, including hair care, a foot massage and chocolates and perfume! Pollard is furious that Val has run up a huge bill, but when Val’s eye patches come off he is touched by her worry and he’s pleased when she delightedly reveals that she can see.

Also, Sandy tries to avoid Betty’s new fat-free eating regime.